2 Ram Inground Lift – UL2

30 Tonnes Capacity, 2 Ram Inground Lift


30 Tonnes The Innovative New Standard Lift with 2 Rams for Lifting Trucks and Buses with One Front Axle and Up to Three Rear Axles

  • The lift comes pre-assembled in a hot galvanized steel cassette. After completing ground work it only needs to be connected to the electrical control cabinet – Plug and Play.
  • The lift is at floor level – especially suitable for vehicles with low clearance.
  • The robust non-slip sliding aluminium cover has an impressive capacity of 7 t.
  • One ram is fixed and the other moveable, each one with 15 t capacity. Total lift capacity is 30 t.
  • The rams can be used individually or synchronized. The rams are precisely controlled by the user friendly touch screen remote control.
  • Safety features are optimized with two independent hydraulic circuits in each ram and comply with European Standard EN1493.
  • For futher information please contact our sales office.

Additional information

Capacity (Tonnes)


Rams/ Moveable

Cassette Length

Cassette Width

Lifting Points Distance (mm)

Speed Up/Down (Seconds)

Power Requirement (kW)

Litres Oil Per Ram (L)

Weight (Tonnes)



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