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WEBER HYDRAULIK has an extensive portfolio of cylinders which includes single and double acting cylinders. They have expertise in developing individual cylinders or revising existing cylinders to meet your application or installation and the transfer to series production.

Prior to use each cylinder is subject to rigorous measurements to ensure the highest quality standards are met. Additionally, WEBER HYDRAULIK cylinders are fitted with sensors and systems for stroke measurement, pressure measurement, temperature measurement, force measurement and point measurement.

WEBER HYDRAULIK also manufacture a range of pumps for various applications.

Weber UK are able to assist in the supply of a variety of new and spares for cylinders and pumps. Although some items are made under licence. You can contact us for further information and we would be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Weber Hydraulik

Hydraulic control systems

Weber UK are also able to assist with a majority of WEBER HYDRAULIK developed hydraulic control systems.

Complete hydraulic control systems solutions can be adapted to meet your needs. The following aspects can be adapted:

  • Temperature
  • Cleanliness class
  • Lifetime
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Installation space optimisation
  • Weight optimisation
  • Hydraulic fluid (e.g. adjustment of the seals, oil compatibility of the seals)
Valve Catalogue


Weber UK also offers a variety of WEBER HYDRAULIK valves which are used in a wide range of equipment. You can view these valves in the WEBER HYDRAULIK ValveTech Catalogue which can be viewed by clicking here

If you require any further information on cylinders, hydraulic control systems and valves then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01787 476319, e-mail or using the contact form