Re: Coronavirus (Covid 19) – Updated 25th March 2020

Following on from our update below Weber UK & Weber Rescue UK have moved over to remote working where possible apart from in our warehouse, which will continue to supply goods while still maintaining appropriate Government advice and guidelines. You can still contact us using our normal telephone numbers, 01787 476319 for Weber UK and 01924 339911 or 01787 476810 for Weber Rescue UK. Although to help most efficiently we suggest that you contact us by e-mail where possible.

Re: Coronavirus (Covid 19) – Updated 17th March 2020

The Weber group recognises that our customers may be worried about the impact of Coronavirus (Covid 19) and the ability of the Weber Group to operate ‘business as usual’.

Currently, we are operating as normal and a considerable amount of work has been undertaken in recent weeks to review our business continuity plan to ensure that it will cope with the possibility of a Coronavirus (Covid 19) outbreak.

Weber Group have a business continuity plan specifically dealing with Coronavirus. The purpose of this plan is to maintain services, minimise any disruption to our business and minimise the spread of the disease. This plan ensures we can service customers without placing our colleagues, clients or the greater community at infection risk.

The plan, if/ when it is fully invoked, will be actively implemented and monitored by our management team made up of key senior directors and managers. The function of the team is to control the spread of the infection and to provide for business continuity.

In terms of controlling risk of infection or confirmed infection we have prepared guidance and issued to all our staff and managers. This includes guidance to all staff on personal health protection and actions that will be taken within the Company to minimise the spread of the disease. We have also distributed and prescribed the use of hand sanitisers for all staff, with enough stock of these items to cover all colleagues for several weeks.

As regards the potential threat to the continuity of our business from a Coronavirus (Covid 19) outbreak, we have verified that the existing plan will, so far as is reasonably practicable, minimise the likelihood and impact of such an eventuality. We have reviewed the overall crisis management plan, the means by which we will communicate with our staff and our customers and we have reviewed the content of the business continuity plan and the additional steps that would be necessary to maintain service to customers.

There is no threat to our current operations and we believe that we have taken all necessary steps at this stage to mitigate the impact on our business and therefore the impact on your business. We will continue to monitor developments closely and check, modify and update our plans in accordance with Government advice and keep customers informed via the ‘news’ section of our website.

Both factories in Austria and Germany will remain open, production of rescue tools will continue. Confirmed delivery dates are still valid.

Should you have any further, specific questions now or at any time, please do not hesitate to contact us. For Weber Rescue UK enquiries please use For Weber UK enquiries please use in the first instances.