How to keep safe in the workshop. The Crucial Role of Axle Stands.

Whether it is In the bustling environment of commercial vehicle level or passenger vehicle garages, MOT stations, and beyond, safety in the workshop is an uncompromisable subject. Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily operations and the precision required for maintenance tasks, one essential component often overlooked is the proper use of axle stands alongside garage lifting equipment.

At Weber UK Ltd, we recognize that while hydraulic garage lifting equipment facilitates efficient vehicle maintenance, ensuring the safety of technicians and vehicles alike demands meticulous attention to detail. This is where the indispensable role of axle stands comes into play.

Understanding the Risks:

Lifting heavy vehicles using hydraulic jackshydraulic jacks alone poses inherent risks, as these devices are designed solely for the purpose of lifting and lowering vehicles—not for supporting them indefinitely. Failure to utilize axle stands as supplementary support can result in catastrophic accidents, endangering both personnel and property. The HSE (Health & Safety Executive) lists some cases here on their website.

Mitigating Risks with Axle Stands:

Axle stands, also known as jack stands, serve as sturdy, reliable supports that provide added stability and security when used in conjunction with hydraulic lifting equipment. By placing axle stands strategically beneath the vehicle’s frame or axle after lifting, technicians create a redundant safety measure that safeguards against potential jack failure. As well as air or hydraulic system malfunctions.

Adaptable Solutions for Varied Needs:

One of the advantages of axle stands is their adaptability to diverse workshop environments and vehicle configurations. Whether servicing commercial vehicles or passenger cars axle stands can be adjusted to accommodate different heights and weight capacities, ensuring a tailored solution for every maintenance task.

Prioritizing Safety Culture:

At Weber UK Ltd, we prioritize safety culture within every aspect of our business operations. By emphasizing the importance of using axle stands alongside garage lifting equipment, we empower our customers to cultivate a workplace environment that prioritizes the well-being of their technicians and the longevity of their vehicles and equipment.


In conclusion, the utilization of axle stands alongside hydraulic garage lifting equipment is not merely a recommended practice—it’s an indispensable safety measure that cannot be overlooked. By incorporating axle stands into routine maintenance procedures, workshops and garages can enhance safety protocols, mitigate risks, and foster a culture of vigilance and responsibility. At Weber UK Ltd, we remain committed to equipping our customers with the knowledge, tools, and support necessary to uphold the highest standards of safety and efficiency in their operations.

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If you have any further questions or require assistance with your garage equipment needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team at Weber UK Ltd. Your safety is our priority.