Air Hydraulic Trolley Jacks

The Weber range of commercial duty air-hydraulic trolley jacks are designed specifically to handle the majority of difficult lifting applications. There is a wide choice of capacities and specifications available ranging from the extremely versatile B25-2 portable model through to the AH50-3 triple-lift and the AH60-1 60 Tonne Single Lift. This range has also been extended to include 2 capacities of Aircraft Air Hydraulic Trolley jacks.

The EuroRange is a competively priced alternative to the Weber range of air-hydraulic trolley jacks offering a wide choice of models including the low-entry MGNT-10N with a minimum closed height of only 125mm. All EuroRange jacks are manufactured within the EEC and meet all international quality and safety requirements.

Weber Range




Optional Accessories for Weber Range of Air Hydraulic Trolley Jack

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